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Wood Decks


Don't deal with the hassle of doing it yourself. Let Fence and Deck Perfection build you a deck that you can be proud of.

  • Affordable, attractive wood deck solutions
  • The highest quality decking materials
  • Can add  additional value to your home

Wrought Iron Fences


Choose from a variety of styles, or design your own. An ornamental iron fence can finish your outdoor landscaping with extraordinary classic, yet simple elegance. An iron fence can serve two purposes, offering the beauty of wrought iron, and a clear property line border - without sacrificing your view! The wrought iron fencing that we use is manufactured right here in Canada by Nuvo Iron. They have a variety of products including wrought iron gates and fence accents.

Chain Link Fences


Fence and Deck Perfection provides maintenance free chain link to add beauty and security to your residential or commercial property.  With only a slight cost increase. We use a heavier gauge of fence and we buy it locally from Kitchener.

Vinyl Fences and Decks


Vinyl building products are strong and highly durable - retaining their shape, color and structural integrity. (PVC) Vinyl is a proven out-door building material, commonly used for sidings, window trims, decks, sheds and FENCING. Among the many benefits of PVC; this unique material is:


  • WATERPROOF Can't rot or rust
  • ECO-FRIENDLY No cutting of trees or use of toxic wood preservatives
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE No costly upkeep associated with staining or painting

We use  "Tuf-Fence®" and it offers excellent weatherability and is engineered to withstand North American climate extremes. Providing for a carefree outdoor living environment - designed to last a lifetime - a "Tuf-Fence®" will enhance any property and bring long-term peace of mind in a fencing investment.

Wrought Iron Gate and Fence Accents


You can add elegance to your wood fences and gates by using either decorative iron inserts in your gates or instead of wood lattice you can use decorative ornamental wrought iron on top of fences. We get our wrought iron materials from Nuvo iron in Bolton, Ontario.

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